the studio.

at dirt, we’ve always believed that plants and interior design go hand in hand. we find joy in introducing the right plant to the right space - whether that’s adding height to a room with a statement palm or transforming an ordinary corner into a textural feature with a cluster of cacti.

We believe (and research shows) that connecting with nature is good for our mind, body and soul, but we understand that not everybody is lucky enough to have gardens to recharge in. That’s why we create indoor spaces that are not only beautiful, but promote a healthy state of mind.

a calming home office?

a breath-taking botanical bathroom to relax in?

we’re here to help. 

We have an eye for detail and offer a tailor-made approach to plant styling, making your space modern, naturally.

We love all things design, and are available to consult on furniture, finishings and other styling details, too.



We come to explore the space you want to give a green makeover, discuss your budget and get to know you a little better. Free of charge.


We present you with some proposals based on your budget, space, needs and daydreams. This includes mood boards, spatial sketches, plant options and a breakdown of costs.   


Once we’ve decided on a design and the plants and pots have arrived, someone from our team will come to set up your space. We will talk you through each plant, how to care for them and any other tips and tricks you might need to keep your urban jungle thriving.


a personalised experience

From start to finish, we want the process to bring you joy, creating beautiful spaces while finding our plants a happy home.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, we’d love to hear from you. The green team are ready to tackle any project, however big or small.  

book a consultation.

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