rhaphidophora tetrasperma.

  • We are so excited to bring these sustainably grown plants to you. 

    The plants are grown in a UK nursery, using peat free soil and in their very own biodegradable coir plant pot by the very talented Harriets Plants.   Completely plastic free!

    The Rhaphidophora tetrasperma also known as the mini monstera is a fast-growing trailer or climber (depending on which way up you want her to go!). 



    Bright rooms with indirect sun are going to make the mini monstera happiest.



    Weekly watering - Check the top two inches of soil have dried out before watering again.  This plant will get root rot if it is overwatered so better to keep watering regular and light.  It also really enjoys having its leaves sprayed with water every 3-4 days.


    Hard to kill?

    9/10 - This plant is not a fussy one to keep alive and in fact has a serious will to live!


    How to pot.

    The coir pot is completely biodegradable.  We suggest keeping the plant in its coir pot for its first year.  These can sit inside decorative pots or directly onto a saucer.  The roots will start to grow through the pot so when you come to upgrade to a bigger size pot in spring you can add soil around the coir pot and it will continue to grow happily.

    If you do want to remove the coir pot make sure to do this carefully.   Cut the pot away, gently remove any roots that have attached and then pot into its new pot.  The coir pot can then be recycled as it is biodegradable.

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