niwaki gardening gloves.

  • The ideal gardening glove for when you need a bit of sensitivity and to feel what you're doing. The nylon/spandex liner is breathable, the nitrile coating is grippy but not too grippy, and the fit of the fingers and cuffs is just right. Perfect for pruning, re-potting and any other chores around the home and garden. Less good for dealing with very spikey cacti (we're still on the hunt for some great cacti gloves - watch this space).

    The gloves come in three sizes each with a different coloured cuff.

    Small •  7  • 七  :  purple cuff

    Medium •  8  • 八  : green cuff

    Large •  9  • 九  : brown cuff

    The gloves are made from 15G nylon/spandex liner and are coated with black micro foam nitrile.