the hoff pot 14cm.

pot colour.
saucer colour.
  • The stackable, cylindrical Hoff Pot from Bergs Pottery is designed by graphic designer Anne Hoff. 

    Great news you can pot directly into this one as it comes with a drainage hole and saucer.  The raw terracotta allows the roots to breathe and the plant to thrive.   Match with the complimentary saucer in the same finish or mix it up with the hand dipped saucers in the glaze finishes to add a refreshing splash of color.

    Saucers available in the raw finishes of pale terracotta and concrete or alternatively choose from the glazed options of emerald green, rusty red, pearl grey and rose quartz.

    This mix and match set comes in two sizes (14cm & 8cm) and two different colours of clay pot (pale terracotta and concrete).  These can be matched with several different colour of saucer.  Shape your own style with this lovely set!

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