Asparagus setaceous ‘plumosus’.

  • We are so excited to bring these sustainably grown plants to you. 

    The plants are grown in a UK nursery, using peat free soil and in their very own biodegradable coir plant pot by the very talented Harriets Plants.   Completely plastic free!


    One of our absolutely favourites here at dirt.  The asparagus setaceous ‘plumosus’ is a gorgeous fern with delicate yet vibrant green leaves.  Its a fern so expect he can be a little fussy but once you find that sweet spot in your home he will flourish.



    This plant is happiest in a bright spot but avoid direct sunlight as this will scorch the leaves.  



    This is where it can be a little tricky... they like to have their soil kept moist, so regular watering is key but avoid letting them sit in water.  Good spots for this guy are in the bathroom or kitchen, giving the plant a light misting will help with the humidity and keeping it happy.


    Hard to kill?

    6/10 - This plant does lean on the slightly trickier side as it is part of the fern family and they can just be a little more fussy than other house plants.  But if you find the right watering schedule and a bright spot it is sure to make you very happy with its stunning green leaves - give it a go, we dare you!


    How to pot.

    The coir pot is completely biodegradable.  We suggest keeping the plant in its coir pot for its first year.  These can sit inside decorative pots or directly onto a saucer.  The roots will start to grow through the pot so when you come to upgrade to a bigger size pot in spring you can add soil around the coir pot and it will continue to grow happily.

    If you do want to remove the coir pot make sure to do this carefully.   Cut the pot away, gently remove any roots that have attached and then pot into its new pot.  The coir pot can then be recycled as it is biodegradable.