the dirt story.

dirt was launched by our founder Lucy Weatherall, sprouting from her passion for plants, her desire to reinvent cookie-cutter green spaces, and her dream to do something that she loved every single day.

planting the seeds

Lucy grew up surrounded by the lush green countryside of Northern England, and weekend walks exploring the landscape with her family are some of her fondest memories. A love for Mother Nature has always been part of her makeup.

Lucy’s love for all things green led her to studying, appreciating and growing plants of all shapes and sizes. There were plenty of mistakes (and a few leafy casualties) along the way, but unafraid to get her hands dirty, Lucy cultivated her green thumb and can now confidently say her death rate is (practically) zero.

Happiest among her green friends, she knew she needed to transform her passion into a business. And so, dirt was born.


a creative mindset

Lucy has worked in the creative industries for over 15 years, reimagining spaces and bringing brand experiences to life through visual displays and interior design. Styling, working with colour and texture, and finding beauty in the details have always come naturally to her.

At dirt, Lucy’s expertise and love of botanicals are a perfect match.

a global perspective

Over the last 9 years, Lucy has been lucky enough to work all over the world, from Italy, to The Netherlands, to New York - digging up inspiration wherever she went and always travelling with plants in tow.

Returning to the UK after her travels and bursting with creativity, Lucy was excited to begin a new chapter and bring everything she’d learnt together here at dirt. Finally, life drew her back to where her love of nature began-home.

dirt is no longer just a dream. dirt is here, and it’s playful, creative and rooted in joy. We know you’ll feel it too.

Thanks for coming along for the ride, we can't wait to work with you.

dirt. x



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